Bruce Lee Authentic Autographs

Below are some examples of authentic Bruce Lee Autographs. Dating from early 60's up to the early 70's. These are good genuine examples of original Bruce Lee signed memorabilia.

I have also added a selection at the bottom of the page of typical Bruce Lee forgeries. These are very common to find compared to the authentic signatures.

Bruce Lee Forgeries

Many of Bruce Lee autographs on the market are forgeries. I have seen many Enter The Dragon signed photo's and we all know that Bruce did not sign any of these (just as Brandon never signed any The Crow photographs).

These were published after the death of Bruce.

Another famous forgery that we see on the market is signed books from after Bruce Lee's death. Bruce Lee died in 1973 so if you ever see a signed book thats dated later than this then it will be a fake.

Bruce Lee fake Autograph

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bruce lee autograph